What is compost?

Simply put, composting is nature’s way of recycling. When organic materials have decomposed to the point that plants can use their nutrients the material is called compost – a dark, crumbling, earthy smelling material made up of decayed leaves, grass, wood trimmings and food scraps. Compost is a gardener’s best friend!

In nature, leaves and limbs pile up and rot over time. Modern composting methods can accomplish the same thing in a faster and more convenient manner.

For information on building, operating and troubleshooting a backyard compost pile, download this free guide:

Composting is a growing trend in the White River District, especially in community and home composting programs. The City of Searcy in White County operates a large scale composting operation that serves Searcy’s residents. Find out more about the Searcy Mulch Center at

Smaller, community-level composting programs provide both a destination for residential yard waste and a resource for free or low cost mulch and compost for gardens and landscaping. For information on composting in your community contact your city hall or county judge’s office.